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Since he began DJing weddings in 1974, Dorian has helped thousands of couples create an amazing musical journey to accompany their special day. One of the original DJs in the southeast Michigan region, Dorian was on the scene before wedding DJs became popular and has built his skills and expertise throughout multiple generations of music and dance evolution.

Dorian’s mission is to bring balance and fun to your event. He knows that each of your guests has their own favorite style of music, and his goal is to create an atmosphere that each of them can enjoy. His playlists are more than simple lists of songs; each song choice is carefully considered to blend seamlessly between the song that precedes it to the one that follows it, creating a flow that will keep your friends and loved-ones dancing and smiling for hours at a time. Contact Dorian today to learn how he can help you create an unforgettable experience for your special day.