Ever been to a wedding reception where the bride and groom sway listlessly to the music during their Bridal Dance? They look bored to tears, klutzy and totally out-of-it!

Learn to dance the “Dorian Deaver Bridal Dance Method” and put life into your bridal party! This is an easy-to-learn way of dancing that you and your entire wedding party can do. It turns non-dancers into dancers, helps sharpen and refresh old dancing skills, builds self-confidence and relieves some of the stress of planning and having your wedding. Just follow our simple step-by-step instructions, and you’ll quickly learn to lead or follow like a pro. You can do the “Dorian Deaver Bridal Dance” to any song, and make everyone in the bridal party look relaxed and professional. Whether you have a band or DJ, this is the dance made for romance!

Contact us now for complete details about our dancing classes for you and your entire wedding party – even your parents! We can turn all of you into dancers, too!